The brutal separation of Gemma Collins and Arg – vile texts, savage insults and her drug addiction


Gemma Collins is said to have quit smoking with longtime boyfriend James Argent. TOWIE superstars have faced a series of difficult moments throughout their turbulent relationship, most of which have taken place in the public eye.

But despite the fact that the couple still manage to put their grief aside to start again, it seems that their love story has reached the last chapter.

It has been reported that the GC, 39, has kicked Arg on the curb for the past few days after requesting an open relationship.

Arg, 32, was said to have been inspired by claims that Will Smith and his wife Jada had an open marriage.

Gemma and Arg have stopped thinking about their love

Gem would be devastated because she hoped that Arg had finally made a commitment to her and was ready to start a family, which made this breakup even more painful.

After Gemma refused to accept her open relationship terms, Arg reportedly said he would stay in Spain for good.

Mirror Online contacted Arg representatives for comment, while the Gemma representative declined to comment.

Their romance flourished in the early days of TOWIE when they first crossed paths in 2011.

But the pair have since faced many hurdles before the breakup, many of which hit the headlines because of their shocking nature.

Gem made it clear that she had been verbally assaulted by Arg during their union and recently shared a collection of wild messages he allegedly sent.

The former on-off couple was caught in a heated argument before Arg cruelly labeled Gemma “hippopotamus” and “big f ** k”.

Their turbulent relationship unfolded in the eyes of the public

The self-proclaimed diva took advantage of social media to share several screenshots of their fiery exchange, but has since deleted the messages.

In the messages, she also added that she was “absolutely sorry” for the pain she felt because of James’ messages.

The exchange seems to start with Gemma challenging James to pay for another woman.

“What a man pays for another woman !!! The first message read.

James then called her “Insensitive”, before Gemma responded: “And the woman who saved your life has to pay for herself !!! ”

“You’re supposed to be treating me hippo,” replied James.

The pair suffered many hiccups during their romance

In another screenshot, Gemma then revealed that Arg kept furiously calling her even more names.

“YOU FAT F ** K. I JUST LOST ANOTHER 2000,” James wrote in two messages. He also sent two emojis representing pigs.

They even planned to go down the aisle when the pair got engaged in 2013; however, the couple canceled the wedding and have not put a ring on it since time.

The lovebirds officially got back together in 2018, to the delight of the original TOWIE fans.

But the duo got into an explosive row after James posted a snoring Gemma video on Instagram last year.

It has been argued that the argument intensified when James shamed Gemma by saying that she had “more roles than Greggs” in a slew of abusive messages.

Gemma shared a collection of nasty swap screenshots

Another message shows Arg calling Gemma a “big f ***”

The couple reconstituted a few months after the breakup.

Gem also urged fans and followers this week to take steps to escape the abusive relationship – sharing advice moments after the announcement of the end of his relationship with James.

She wrote, “To all those who have suffered from confinement or who suffer in general, please find your strength to move away.

“There is a better life for you filled with love and respect and always remember that the problem is not in you, it is in them. ”

She continued, “Stay away, it’s never too late. Something will happen someday and you will just say that it is enough.

“This is when the nightmare is over. This is when you find your strength and this is when you learn self-love. “

Gemma shared this message when the news ended her relationship with Arg was over

Gem reportedly called that he leave after Arg wanted an open relationship

Their relationship was also marred by cocaine addiction from Arg, who saw Gem alert 999 at his home amid growing concern for his well-being.

James, who kicked off ITVBe this year after failing a cocaine test, was checked by paramedics after worried friends sounded the alarm, fearing have an overdose or collapse inside his mansion.

Arg recorded last year by revealing that he was a cocaine addict and had died almost twice from an overdose.

The reality star has admitted to being a heavy cocaine user for seven years – and says his personal and professional life has been affected by his addiction.

James Argent Breaks Social Media Silence And Teases Return After Thailand Withdrawal
Gemma shared a series of nasty messages from Arg before the split

Arg told the Sun he was treated by paramedics last October after locking himself in his house and taking drugs “for three days in a row” when he was alone in a dark room.

Drug use led the star to suffer from paranoia and “psychosis” due to drug use.

But despite the heavy battle against drugs, Arg has managed to overcome the obstacle and is now seven months clean and sober.

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