The boys’ bicycle trip to France is cheated by the wives | Rick jackson


ROAD TRIP: The guys are leaving for Vendée, France Photo: Shutterstock

Last year I spent a few very enjoyable days cycling between the two ferry ports of St Malo and Ouistreham with my best friend.

We had been talking about it for years and we finally got there.

We thought that a repeat performance would be out of the question in light of the events of this year.

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However, the light at the end of the tunnel and some optimism means we can take a trip in early September as opposed to the one we did in June of last year.

We had no idea our wives had planned a trip for themselves while we were away and this information was shared with us this week.

As the prices for overseas vacations drop like stones, they’ve found a cheap four-star all-inclusive resort in Cyprus.

All of a sudden, I didn’t feel like going on a three-day and about 150 km bike ride through northern France while the family lives in Paphos.

Somehow it didn’t seem like a problem when I knew they would be home! It’s funny that …

So we decided to “raise the bar” during our trip to France.

If girls have a little luxury, why can’t we?

The plan is now to take a car and tents to go down to Vendée. The Atlantic coast of France is beautiful and perfect for a cycling holiday.

We can base ourselves on one of these great French campsites, explore our bikes during the day and enjoy the local facilities at night.

Last year it was just about riding a bike all day and using a hotel to just get some sleep before leaving the next day.

Now with the thought of our near and dear ones enjoying 30C and a lot of Commandaria and zivania, we felt the need to improve our trip.

In addition to the stunning Vendée landscapes and many Muscadets, the delayed Tour de France is also in the area at the time of our trip, so the chance to participate in some of its stages is a must for any cycling enthusiast.

Would nationalization of ferries provide better service to the island?

Residents of the Isle of Wight have created a lot of ‘noise’ online about the lack of FastCat services in Ryde with Wightlink. It returns at the end of the month after 2,000 islanders signed a petition calling for its resumption.

All Isle of Wight ferry services are privately owned with no regulations and I believe the island enjoys excellent service with modern ferries. In the absence of direct competition on routes, this can become costly.

Islanders love to complain about ferries, but they would be surprised at how many trips cost a loss.

In Scotland, their ferries are nationalized. Would the Isle of Wight and the Channel Islands benefit from better service if theirs did too?

Cruise ship torment on our very expensive camping trip

After the money we spent on our seven nights camping this week, you better not be the last, even though we hate it!

In addition to the camping and the ferry, comes the cost of the tent. We bought a used one, but still needed sleeping bags, a stove, a table, shelves, lights and other accessories to make the trip as comfortable as possible.

Then it was decided that we needed a roof box. So £ 450 later I’m starting to wonder if I would have swam better from Sandown Beach to the cruise ship anchored there – the one we would have been on without Covid-19.

An angry face emoji would sum up perfectly how I’m feeling right now!


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