“The Bold Guy” kissed his worst self in Season 4


Photo: Jonathan Wenk / Freeform

Think about every black girl you ever dreamed of that could grace your TV screen on a weekly basis, and you still might not come close to the character of Kat Edison. In The daring guy, Kat, played by Aisha Dee, occupies a unique and consistent role as a black lead character known for her unwavering sense and self-celebration. The joy imbued with this fully developed character helped make The daring guy a very different fantasy from what it initially seemed to be. A series that was marketed as a Net-a-Porter traveling ad for surface feminism, The bold guy quickly and skillfully crafted a fantasy escape from the media world where one night a week a journalism career was as easy as a fully funded magazine, 500 sans serif words a day, a fashion closet of a million dollars to alleviate relationship issues, and the bosses who supported a version of “lean in” feminism that was inclusive and intersectional in a way real life never was.

While The bold guy always presented a glorified view of the media industry, the show’s initial marketing sold it to audiences as a feminist fantasy based on the lives of alumni. Cosmo editor Joanna Coles, where powerful (and mean) women used their haste and willpower to triumph over the world of men trying to hold them back. A first television spot promoting the series perfectly sums up this “#Girlboss” atmosphere at the surface.


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