The American Bureau star on how his real parents ended up in the series


The American officeThe episode of “Diwali” would be one of the first American comedies to present the Indian festival and was credited with having presented the customs to a wider audience (as well as having brought us the famous song “Diwali” by Michael Scott).

It is also famous for being the episode that featured Kelly Kapoor’s mother and father, who were played by Mindy Kaling’s real parents.

The actress reflected on the episode of the Office girls podcast, telling how showrunner Greg Daniels auditioned other actors to take on the roles, but they just didn’t work.

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Speaking to former co-stars Angela Kinsey and Jenna Fischer, Kaling said, “We only used my parents, which seems to be a complete act of patronage and patronage, because we auditioned the parties and Greg felt that the actors we found in this age group were either too theatrical for the style of acting on our show or too uptight because they had no acting experience.

“Now I am the first to say that my parents’ game was also very stuffy. But [Greg] was like, ‘At least they have some family resemblance to you. So let’s put them in there. “”

Although Kaling may have been embarrassed to have his real characters on set, we would say it definitely worked for the better.


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She also said that real life influenced the plot more with Kelly’s lack of actual Diwali knowledge, which reflected the fact that Kaling herself did not know much about it.

In other The American office news it was recently announced that an episode of the show had been edited for syndication and streaming due to the use of blackface, following a wave of studios deleting episodes and shows due to their performances of people of color.

Office US is available to stream now on Amazon Prime.

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