Thanks SpaceX! You spoiled this amazing photo of comet NEOWISE with your satellites


In an attempt to enable high-speed internet around the world, SpaceX has so far launched 540 Starlink satellites into orbit. The expected number is 12,000, but they are already ruining the party for astronomers and astrophotographers. Daniel López recently tried to take a photo of Comet Neowise, but the Starlink satellites completely ruined it.

Daniel shared the photo on his Facebook page which shows Comet Neowise and Starlink satellites interfering with his view over it. He photographed the comet with the Canon Ra and a 200mm lens and stacked photos to get more detail. “It’s a shame to see all these luminous points pass, in total nearly 20 images of the comet show traces,” explains Daniel.

The photo he shared is 17 stacked 30s exhibition photos, which is why we see so many traces. There would be less streaking if the photo was taken in one exposure, but that doesn’t solve a problem. First, some of the traces would still be visible. And secondly, it makes stacking photos impossible if you want to get a clear view of the sky.

Speaking to Earther, Daniel said that “Astronomers, astrophysicists and astrophotographers are concerned about the large deployment of small satellites orbiting the Earth.”

“Now they want to launch some 40,000 [satellites] later, other companies will want to launch theirs into orbit, and the sky will not be what it has been for millions of years. Thousands of dots will appear and disappear in the night sky. “

After concerns and complaints, Elon Musk announced that SpaceX plans to darken future satellites in order to reduce the impact on the night sky. Yet the satellites that have been launched so far remain bright and continue to ruin the sight for anyone who shoots and searches for the sky above us.

Be sure to check out more of Daniel’s work on his website, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

[via Earther]


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