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A protester who was apparently armed with a rifle during a protest against police violence in the Texas capital was shot dead after a witness said he approached a vehicle that had passed through the crowd and that the driver had opened fire.The shooting took place just before 10 p.m. on Saturday as protesters marched through downtown Austin, police spokeswoman Katrina Ratliff told reporters early Sunday. The man who was shot was taken to hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

The vehicle honked, turned into a street and passed through protesters before apparently hitting an orange barrier and stopping, witness Michael Capochiano, who took part in the protest, told the Austin American-Statesman . A protester armed with a rifle approached the vehicle and was shot by the driver, who then left, he said.

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Ratliff confirmed that initial reports indicated that “the victim may have been carrying a gun.” She said the driver was arrested and was cooperating with the police. She did not disclose the names of the driver or the man who was killed. There was no response to a number for an Austin police spokesperson on Sunday morning.

In a video broadcast live on Facebook, a car can be heard honking before several gunshots ring out and protesters start screaming and dispersing. The police can then be seen dealing with a person lying in the street.

In an interview with ABC’s “Good Morning America,” Sheila Foster identified the man who was shot as her son, Garrett Foster. She said he had been a regular at the protests with his fiancee.

June: marches organized across the United States to commemorate the end of slavery

June: marches organized across the United States to commemorate the end of slavery

“They have been participating in these protests almost every day for the past 50 days,” she said.

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Sheila Foster said she was told her son was pushing his fiancee, who uses a wheelchair, through an intersection as the suspect drove “erratically” through the crowd. She said she was told the driver shot her son three times.

The shooting took place during a night of protests and unrest in several US cities.

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