Texas man wanted for murder dies in Brockville, Ontario. after the police approached him


A man wanted for allegedly killing a woman in Houston, Texas has died in Brockville, Ontario. Saturday morning after being chased by local police.Alberto Ayala Guerrero fell from the North Augusta Road overpass onto a ramp for the westbound lanes of Highway 401 just after being approached by Brockville police officers, the Special Investigations Unit of Brockville said on Monday. Ontario (UES).

Ayala Guerrero was pronounced dead in hospital.

At the time of her death, Ayala Guerrero was a fugitive accused of shooting a woman on July 13, the Houston Police Department confirmed on Monday. The victim hosted Ayala Guerrero’s wife and brother, who police say were assaulted by Ayala Guerrero.

Houston police say they believe Ayala Guerrero fled to Brockville, Ontario. in a Honda Civic.

CBC contacted the RCMP and the Canada Border Services Agency to find out how he entered Canada. The two organizations said Monday they were unable to comment.

The SIU says Brockville police approached Ayala Guerrero at around 10:15 am Saturday, considering him a “person of interest.” He then jumped over the crash barrier and into traffic.

“Understanding what happened, including how and why the man fell, is part of the SIU investigation,” a SIU spokesperson said in an email to CBC.

The SIU is looking for anyone who may have information about Ayala Guerrero’s death to contact the lead investigator at 1-800-787-8529.


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