Tesco shoppers furious after huge changes to store security


Tesco shoppers are not convinced by the supermarket’s decision to remove some of its security measures. The supermarket has removed its one-way system as the lock continues to loosen.

But some customers have gone wild over the changes – telling bosses they now feel in danger, reports MyLondon.

A customer posted on Twitter, telling the store that he was “absolutely amazed that you decided to remove the one-way system from your store.”

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“You have moved from a place I thought was fantastically organized to a place where I no longer feel safe. Please restore it and please prevent large groups from entering. ”

Another disgruntled customer added, “I asked a Tesco supervisor last week, when I was following their one-way system, which I had unfortunately memorized, why so many people ignored it. I hadn’t noticed that they had deleted it. His response was that people didn’t care. ”

Another wrote, “Why did you remove the one-way system? This is the only reason I stayed with you during Covid! Even your staff I have spoken to do not feel safe. “

“Do not enter Tesco”

Someone on Twitter said to a friend, “Don’t get into Tesco.

They have removed all social distance makers and are no longer a one-way system. What bloody joke? As an NHS employee who recovered from Covid, I am furious about this! ”

Tesco removed its one-way system, but some restrictions remain

Another customer said, “Tesco is” back to normal “according to the woman at the door. People go in all directions in the aisles, no social distancing and yet we always ask them to stay within certain limits at the checkout. I don’t like I rather liked the one way system. ”

One wrote furiously, “Have you lost your sense of security or is it our money you want instead of keeping us safe?” I have been disgusted by what I have seen in this industry in recent days. ”

Others complained of people calling the scene “chaos” and noting that they actually needed more time to shop than when there was a one-way system.

Tesco’s answer

In response to one of Tesco’s comments, “We listened to customer feedback and monitored the operation of our social distancing measures and decided to remove the one-way system in stores to help customers shop. safely and efficiently, while maintaining a distance of 2 meters. ”

Another Tesco response said, “I have now raised your concerns with our support team for consideration. Hopefully if enough like-minded customers contact us about this, we will restore the one-way system in the near future. future. ”

However, not everyone was angry with this decision. A Twitter user said, “I have never been happier to see the one-way system work with Tesco. “


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