Tesco asks staff to clean furniture and floors | Business


Employees at Tesco workshops are urged to clean toilets and wash windows after the supermarket cuts out contract cleaners at nearly 2,000 outlets.

The move comes amid growing concerns about the pandemic over hygiene standards and Tesco urging healthy shoppers to visit its stores to allow older and more vulnerable customers to secure online deliveries.

The grocer has asked staff at 1,920 small Metro and Express stores to take on new duties starting August 24, including cleaning floors, shelves and refrigerators, as well as break rooms and washrooms. Tesco has 3,635 stores in Great Britain and Ireland, employing 320,000 people and 2,933 stores abroad.

Britain’s largest retailer said cleanliness had “never been more important”, budgets for cleaning products would be increased and staff would receive training and support.


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