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Responding to the findings of food safety in China, the deputy director of the Chinese Bureau of Import and Export Safety, Bi Kexin, urged consumers to be vigilant, while stressing that the risk of infection is low. . According to Mr. Bi, six positive samples were found out of 223,000 samples tested.

As part of the tests, frozen foods as well as the inside and outside of their packaging were tested.Chinese authorities began mass testing coronaviruses on imported food after a number of cases of COVID-19 in Beijing in June were attributed to a food market selling imported salmon.

The virus was found on a cutting board used for salmon, but the fish itself would not be infected.

The six positive tests were from white shrimp samples sold by three separate Ecuadorian companies.

Traces of coronavirus were found on the outside of the food packaging and inside of a container in which the shrimp were wrapped.

However, no COVID-19 was found on the shrimp themselves or inside their food packaging.

Responding to the news, Bi said, “The results show that the container and packaging of these companies is at risk of being contaminated with the new coronavirus.

“Experts have said that if it doesn’t mean they can spread the virus, it shows that managing food security is not ideal. ”

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She also asked stores and food processing centers to further improve their hygiene.

However, Ms. Li stressed that the risk to consumers is low, saying, “Overall, the likelihood of food being contaminated with the new coronavirus remains very low.”

More than 11.8 million people worldwide have been diagnosed with COVID-19.

Recently, the World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that the pandemic is not under control and is continuing to accelerate in countries like the United States and Brazil.

More than 544,000 people have been confirmed to have died from the disease worldwide.

The Chinese Embassy in Kazakhstan on Thursday warned of “unknown pneumonia” that is spreading across the country, which could be even more deadly than the coronavirus.

He said 1,772 people were killed by the disease this year, including 628 last month.

The embassy added that Chinese nationals were among the dead and that the cities of Aktobe, Shymkent and Atyrau were particularly affected.

The government of Kazakhstan on Friday strongly reprimanded allegations of a new disease which it said “did not correspond to reality”.

WHO said it is aware of reports of a pneumonia-like condition in Kazakhstan, which may simply relate to more cases of COVID-19.


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