Teenagers filming a TikTok find a corpse in a suitcase after using the popular exploration app Randonautica


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They then called the police, watch the video. The following clip shows police and fire trucks surrounding the beach.

Seattle police later confirmed that the contents of the suitcase were human remains and said investigators had found several other bags in the area, as well as body parts.

KING 5, a local media outlet, reported that the remains belonged to Jessica Lewis, 53, and Austin Wenner, 27. The two died on June 16 of multiple gunshot wounds. Seattle police said the case was still under investigation into a homicide.

Randonautica told BuzzFeed News that he was “shocked by the very unfortunate coincidence.”

“Our first reaction was to reach out to the teens to make sure they were okay. We sent a message letting them know that Randonautica has no plans to find anything disturbing like this, ”he said.

The explorer app has grown in popularity since much of the world locked out during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The application generates random coordinates in the general vicinity of a user to whom the user, called Randonaut, can go. The idea is to encourage a “choose your own adventure” reality game.


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