Taylor Swift Pledges Donation To Black Business Owner After Being Charged With Scamming ‘Folklore’ Merchandise Design


While the music from Taylor Swift’s latest album, “Folklore,” continues to receive praise on social media, the merchandise from her latest album has been criticized. Amira Rasool, the founder of the Black-owned retailer The Folklore, has accused Swift of tearing up the company logo for the album’s merchandise – and now the Swift team is taking action.

Rasool posted similar logos on his Instagram page last week. His company is “an online concept store offering the best brands of contemporary designers from Africa and the Diaspora,” according to his Instagram.

Since then, Swift’s merchandise appears to have dropped “the” from its Folklore brand. On Thursday, Swift tweeted to Rasool, saying that she will make a contribution to Rasool’s business and donate to the Black in Fashion Council, which, according to its website, “was founded to represent and ensure the advancement of the black. individuals in the fashion and beauty industry. ”

InStyle reported that Rasool said his attorney had been in contact with the manager of Swift about the merchandise and the team had taken “quick action” to correct the problem. After the merchandise was altered, Rasool praised Swift and her team “for recognizing the damage the merchandise caused to my company brand.”


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