Tanzanian presidential hopeful Tundu Lissu returns home after assassination attempt


Tundu Lissu was greeted by hundreds of enthusiastic supporters at the airport

A prominent Tanzanian opposition figure who survived an assassination attempt in the capital, Dodoma, has returned to the country where he is expected to run for president.

Tundu Lissu has been living in Belgium since he was shot three years ago and underwent more than 20 medical operations.

No one has been convicted of the assault on his life.

Outside the country, Mr. Lissu was dismissed from his parliamentary functions.

He was greeted by hundreds of enthusiastic supporters as he left the international airport in the country’s main city, Dar es Salaam.

Prior to his return to Tanzania, Lissu, along with rights groups, called on the government to ensure his security in the country.

Sammy Awami of the BBC in Dar es Salaam said the politician’s next step in his presidential bid would be to win the opposition party Chadema’s nomination for the presidential race.

To the stage

Athuman Mtulya, BBC, Dar es Salaam

With a big smile on his face, Tundu Lissu walked out of the airport greeting his supporters who were going wild with jubilation.

He has not been here since he was evacuated in September 2017 after being sprayed with 16 bullets by unknown gunmen.

Limping, he walked towards his supporters who were chanting: “President!” President! “.

They feared skirmishes after police warned supporters against rallies at the airport.

But officials seem to have changed their minds and Mr. Lissu’s supporters have remained at peace.

Mr. Lissu is a staunch critic of President John Magufuli who is running for a second five-year term in the general elections in Tanzania in October.

Although praised for its economic reforms and its fight against corruption, President Magufuli’s government has come under increasing scrutiny for press freedom crackdowns and has been accused of underreporting the spread of the coronavirus. in the country.


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