Tammy Sytch arrested for breach of restraining order


WWE Hall of Famer Tammy Sytch, who played Sunny in WWF in the 1990s, is once again behind bars.

She was charged with driving a motor vehicle on a second license suspension, escaping from a police officer, and being disregarded / breached of a restraining order for family violence. Sytch was arrested earlier today and is currently being treated at the Monmouth County correctional facility by PWInsider.

This comes a few months after Sytch was released from prison in early February. She had been incarcerated for her violation of her previous parole, which was due to a guilty plea for impaired driving offenses, missing a scheduled drug test, and failing to report to her agent. of parole. WrestleZone gave all the details of his arrest in early 2018, including “contempt – disobedience / resistance” and two charges of “failure to appear in court”.

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