Tamil actress Vijaya Lakshmi tries to kill herself after sharing video on Facebook, admitted to hospital


Source of the image: FACEBOOK / VIJAYALAKSHMI Tamil actress Vijaya Lakshmi tries to kill herself after sharing video on Facebook, admitted to hospital

In a shocking turn of events, Tamil actress Vijaya Lakshmi, who has appeared in films like Friends and Boss Engira Baskaran, reportedly attempted suicide on Sunday. Not only that, she even shared a video on Facebook claiming that social media abuse and bullying was the reason for her not extreme. In the video she uploaded to social media, Vijaya Lakshmi was seen talking about the torture she faced by followers of actor-turned-politician Seeman and Hari Nadar. A report from TOI states that the actress was “admitted to a private hospital in Chennai and is recovering.” In the video she posted to Facebook, the actresses added that she consumes pills that are said to lower blood pressure leading to death.

In the video, Vijaya Lakshmi said: “This is my last video and I have been extremely stressed over the past four months because of Seeman and his supporters. I did my best to survive all these days thanks to my mother and sister, but I was humbled in the media by Harinadar recently. I have already taken a few BP tablets, so in a while I will have low blood pressure and in a few hours I will be dead. I would like to tell the fans watching the video just because I was born in Karnataka Seeman tortured me a lot. ”

She added: “As a woman, I have supported him to the maximum of my ability, I will not be able to take the pressure anymore. I am from the Pillai community, the same LTTE community leader of which Prabhakaran is a part. Prabhakaran is the only reason Seeman is who he is today but now he continually harasses me on social media You bitch made me ashamed to make me feel pain and it’s up to me what to do after having suffered such insults from you.

I ask my fans not to let Seeman escape this case, he should never get bail early. My death should be a big eye-opener for everyone. I don’t want to be anyone’s slave. ”

Vijayalakshmi made her Tamil debut opposite Suriya in the movie Friends. After making a few films, she entered the Kannada film industry. She fell ill and was even admitted to a hospital in Bangalore. Not only that, she even approached many stars and directors to help her financially. Actor Kicha Sudeep came to help him. She even claimed to have been sexually harassed by an actor from Kannada.

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