Summary of Robert Whittaker’s full fight video against Darren Till


Watch Robert Whittaker vs. Darren Till video summaries of the full UFC fight on ESPN 14 main event above, courtesy UFC and ESPN.

UFC on ESPN 14 took place on July 25 on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi. Former middleweight champion Robert Whittaker fought welterweight title challenger Darren Till in a middleweight contest, broadcast live on ESPN + and ESPN. Watch more video highlights below.

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Tour 1: Till jumps up and takes a left jab. Whittaker uses this jab again to block Till’s forward approach. Until a lot of pressure, and Whittaker leaves with a left hook that’s just short. Take a break when both are reset. Whittaker feints, and a kick is scooped. Till and Whittaker collide, and Whittaker hits the bridge. I don’t know if Whittaker was injured, but he gets up quickly and the fight resumes its normal pace. Till starts pushing again and Whittaker swings to hold him back. Till goes high with a kick and looks for that right right to left. He starts to connect and Whittaker’s counters are wild. Till hits the fence, and the two stop. Whittaker turns and tries to escape, but Till enjoys fighting wherever he is. Whittaker’s attempts to throw make Till take off, and he corner Whittaker. High kick blocked by Whittaker, who is constantly backed up. They trade low kicks and Till comes back to the sham. The right hook grabs onto Till, who accepts the shot and continues to press. He pulls away just as Whittaker climbs high with a kick and continues to press. Whittaker tries a few forward charges, and a straight-to-left line connects. Another nice low kick from Whittaker finishes the frame.

MMA Fighting marks round 10-9 for Till.

2√®me round: Whittaker tries to throw himself to the right again, and Till catches a left hook as he comes back with his hands down. Whittaker and Till exchange low blows, taking the vapor of a Whittaker punch. Till gets to work on the lead leg, and a right hand runs past Till. He recovers quickly and ties up. Whittaker tries to frame and use his elbow, and he beats the body. Nice left elbow, and Till tries to tie himself up again. Whittaker works a guard pass and lands a nice elbow. Now in half-guard, Whittaker tries to trap Till’s right arm and then returns to the body. Whittaker’s left elbow forces Till to attempt a scramble, and Till moves to his hands and knees before getting up. Until he got back on his feet and walked forward. Whittaker returns to the leg. Until trying to put in place big punches with his feints, his face swollen from the damage he suffered on the canvas. Whittaker attacks the lead leg, and Till again a few inches forward, drawing another flurry from Whittaker. Guard is more on point for Whittaker, who misses high with a kick to close the frame.

MMA Fighting marks the round 10-9 for Whittaker, and it’s 19-19.

3e tour: Whittaker returns to work on Till’s lead leg. Now Till tries to take the target away by raising his leg. No more feints from Till, who rushes in with that right to left and follows with a high kick. Once again, Whittaker sees it coming. Until trying to set up this straight right, and Whittaker comes out windmill with this right. High kick dodged by Till. Uppercut connects for the Briton, and he draws a straight jab that connects. Till walks around Whittaker, who covers himself. Kneel in the middle of Till, and Till dodges the high kick again. As Whittaker walks in and shoots right, Till slides and comes back with his left. Whittaker imbalances him with a leg grip, then resets himself. Another fastball straight from Whittaker, and it smells. Till tries that elbow again, and Whittaker presses briefly for an out. Cat and mouse game as the two try to read each other’s accusations. Whittaker explodes in another punch and misses. Round ends with a moan as they look at each other.

MMA Fighting marks the round 10-9 for Whittaker, who has a 29-28 lead.

Tour 4: Till explodes and shoots a short right from Whittaker. Nice straight ahead to the left of Till, who picked up the pace a bit. Whittaker bounces back and forth, and a fixed match ensues. Neither wants to make the first mistake and be exposed. Whittaker returns to the lead stage. Whittaker puffs high kick. Till cracks with an elbow, and he goes on with some pretty shots. Whittaker breathes in a countercharge and they reset. They clash as the two explode. Again, watch game. Whittaker attempts a jab and then grabs a leg, if only to distract for a punch. Until trying to pull the hook to counter with his forehands. Whittaker takes a straight left. Once again, Whittaker charges in and Till works his knees against the body as the ex-champ sneaks up in a punch. Attempt to pull out straight to the left of Whittaker, who cannot close it with a punch. Whittaker with a right hand, and Till dodges attempts to follow. The tour ends with a competition of looks.

MMA Fighting scores the 10-9 frame for Till, and it’s 38-38.

Tour 5: Whittaker sits on the right and nails him. Another sets up a one-legged attempt, and Till walks away and tries to put that left right on the target. They clash again as Whittaker charges. Until I looked for that high kick again. Whittaker returns to his kicks, pawl to the leg and to the body. Nice double from Till, who is just waiting for the right opportunity to counter. Whittaker’s accusations still throw him off balance. They exchange kicks and Whittaker’s level turns into a punch. Sticks that went straight away. Whittaker eats a right hand with his left hook. Till chases again and tries his right to left. Whittaker attacks the leading leg, and Till squeaks it. Another leg in an attempted punch from Whittaker. Whittaker kicks the body, and Till responds with a lead elbow. Cut opened in Whittaker’s ear and Herb Dean briefly stopped the action. Whittaker grabs the leg and pulls out, only to see Till come back right away. Bleeding profusely, he hangs on as Till continues to sit up. They finally stop against the cage with Whittaker moving in for disassembly. A very, very close round and a close fight.

MMA Fighting marks the frame 10-9 for Till, who scores 48-47.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Robert Whittaker beats. Darren Till via unanimous decision (48-47, 48-47, 48-47)


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