Stoke-on-Trent’s mother and son team wins big on TV Bullseye!


Darts lover Debbie and Callum Matthews celebrate after hitting the target when they appeared on a TV show.The mother and son team from Blythe Bridge participated in a revived version of Bullseye on the theme of darts, which was broadcast on ITV this evening in the last episode of Alan Carr’s Epic Gameshow.

After defeating two other couples, they won the chance to play for Bully’s price table.

Then, after winning the prize – including a television, a weekend in London and a vacation in Mexico – Debbie and Callum were fortunate enough to play the prizes they had already won in an attempt to win the star prize, a Mini Metro.

Debbie, 51, said, “Callum said, ‘shall we keep what we have’? But I said, “We came with nothing, we might as well continue.”

“We had to hit the only space on the dartboard that was not covered, but that was made more difficult because the board was spinning.

After defeating two other couples, they won the chance to play for Bully’s price chart

“We missed the first two darts, but Alan gave us a lifeline. He said he would give us a gold dart in exchange for one of the prizes we had already won, so we returned the teapot.

“So we had another chance and we won the car. We have won everything. ”

Debbie added, “I loved it, it was a wonderful experience. I was on Family Fortunes 20 years ago and I didn’t feel nervous, but Callum was so calm.

“I answered questions and Callum made the darts. We have been really successful. I answered most of the questions and Callum hit all the darts. “

They left with a mini

Callum, 23 – who plays darts for The Jerry in Biddulph, Holditch and Staffordshire – said: “I would have been very happy to continue with what we had won rather than playing for the star award.

“We had two or three tries on the last table. Then I was a little nervous throwing the last dart, but I got it in the corner.

“I was a little nervous when we stood behind the curtain, but as soon as we went on set, all the nerves went away.

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“Behind the scenes, we had a little practice, and one of the others hit the triple 20s, the bubble, the double top. But I don’t know if the nerves touched him when we went on set.

“We won £ 700 in cash, then the prizes on the prize table. It was unbelievable. It was my first time on TV and this experience would have been enough without earning everything we did. ”

You can watch the episode on ITV Hub.


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