Sting seems to be teasing a WWE in-ring return for a last match of dream


A tweet from WWE Hall Of Famer Sting has fans wondering if another match is still on the table for him.Sting has not wrestled since 2015, the date on which he was injured during a match with Seth Rollins and the neck issues are the reason he has not been cleared, but he tells people that he feels well and that he would like to beat The Undertaker for his retirement match.

At age 61, it seems very unlikely that the WWE would allow him to step in the ring with his neck issues, but the doors are open now that the WWE is trying to make cinematic games to be less tiring on the body. Also, Daniel Bryan and Edge have been able to get cleared after they thought their career was over. In Edge cases, he had to withdraw due to a serious neck issues and Bryan, the issue of concussion-related.

If the match of Taker’s going to happen, then that means that Taker would be out of retirement after WWE confirmed last week on SmackDown that it was done as an active wrestler.

During chapter 5 of “Undertaker: Last Ride,” the “never say never” has been used by the Lessee and he said he would return if Vince McMahon called him.

A lot of fans take the tweet below to be a tease of Sting on a ring return. For what it’s worth, there has been no rumors coming out of WWE from the side on the interest of getting Sting to fight again, but plans can always change, especially if Vince McMahon feels a big hook is needed for a future pay-per-view.


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