Steven Gerrard fires the Rangers to warn academy prospects as the boss of Ibrox reveals a problem of “ego” among young people


Rangers boss Steven Gerrard warned academy players that they wouldn’t stand a chance unless they let go of any evidence of ego. The Ibrox gaffer claims there are players in the youth system who get too fat for their shoes around the Rangers training center.

But he praised the trio Nathan Patterson, Lewis Mayo and Jamie Barjonas for their attitude and insists that the three will continue to have opportunities at Ibrox.

Criticism was directed at Gerrard during his tenure over the lack of promoted academy players when many were highly rated.

The recent discussion has centered on Kai Kennedy, who is set to leave the club after deciding not to sign a new deal that was on the table.

And Gerrard told RangersTV, “When it comes to the academy, I want to bring in players from the academy. First and foremost, they need to get involved in the football club. If you do not join the football club, you will not be seen. anywhere near me, they must be pretty good.

“They have to train every day as if it means the world for them to play for the Rangers. I heard a few things at the academy about which there was an ego so they wouldn’t be with me. “

“I will only play the players who show me daily that they are good enough to be with us. Nathan Patterson, Lewis Mayo and Jamie Barjonas have shown it since day one so they deserve the opportunities they have had. and I’m happy for them. ”

Barjonas caught the second goal of the game in the 2-0 win over Nice with a neat finish to help Rangers win the Veola Trophy, with Jermain Defoe grabbing the opener.

Gerrard admits he is thrilled for the 21-year-old and urged him to return to play for the rest of the season with only one year on his contract.

But the Liverpool legend is simply thrilled with the efforts the players put in during the tournament.

He added, “I’m really happy for Jamie. It is the first time since I participated in a first team match that he really showed personality. We know he has it.

“We think he’s better than he’s shown so he’ll stay with us a little longer and we’ll try to give him a few more opportunities. I’m happy for him tonight. ”

“It was a successful trip, not because we won the competition – it was not the important thing.

“We came here for fitness reasons, we came here to get in better shape and we came here to rehearse how we want to play and what we want it to look like.

“There are a lot of positives to take in terms of the team and the squad and where we are at. We still need to improve, so there will still be things we need to tweak everywhere.

“The individuals still need to be in better shape, but overall I’m really happy and will come home happy.

“We won the game, got a clean sheet, scored two fantastic goals. We managed to get the majority of the team a little playing time here, which is important because we want to stay together and we are a team, we are not a team.

“We played against another fantastic team. Lyon and Nice are not cups. It’s a Champions League level team. They are littered with footballers who are worth a lot of money and rightly so because they are good players. ”

“Patrick (Vieira) is a fantastic coach with a lot of experience, so I am very happy for the staff and the players because they can come away happy. We have two weeks to really push now and turn things up in terms of our preparation.

“It’s an important part of our game, out of possession, I want my team to be difficult to play. I want us to be mean all over the place. We asked the players to own both courts and we did. in two games.

“We were exceptional out of possession, everyone rolled up their sleeves. Normally when you look at some teams you have a few who think they are superstars on the team, we don’t have ego on our team. on the job which is nice to see. ”


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