Stephen Lamonby: Sacked speaker says Jews are the smartest people | News


A university professor who was sacked after saying that G “Jews are the smartest in the world” and “Germans are good engineers” has had his unfair dismissal claim dismissed.

Stephen Lamonby, 73, a part-time lecturer at Southampton Solent, said he had a “soft spot” for young black men because many had absent fathers.

An employment tribunal learned that he made the remarks to Janet Bonar, his course manager, in March of last year. The two were talking in the canteen when Mr Lamonby, an engineer, told him that people from different countries had become good at certain things due to “high exposure”.

When Dr Bonar mentioned his degree in physics, Mr Lamonby said the Jewish people had ‘a special gift’ for the subject.

He said the Germans were good at engineering because they were “exposed to a high level of industry from the start.


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