Stacey Solomon shares a superb transformation of the house by welcoming “special friends”


Stacey Solomon shared with her subscribers the incredible ways she has successfully transformed her family home.The Loose Women star had taken some time on social media but returned today to show off her latest project.

Starting in the bedroom, Stacey unveiled her new green bedspread over which she threw a white bouquet of white flowers for an extra special touch.

“Usually I wouldn’t mind a Sunday, but we are seeing special friends this morning, so I have to do it,” said Stacey.

Stacey unveiled her comfortable bedroom as she set to work to transform her home

The mom of three then moved into the bathroom where she was joined by her adorable one-year-old Rex.

First sharing the previous photo, Stacey revealed how she cleaned all the bath toys and shampoo bottles to create a sanctuary for her long swims.

After removing the extra clutter, the next photo showed Stacey’s new suite which now featured a bath stand where she had placed a succulent plant and candles to help her relax in style.

Stacey’s bathroom was overrun with Rex’s toys

It didn’t take long for mom to get back to her usual standards

The busy star then turned her attention to her kitchen where she headed straight for her snack closet.

Stacey revealed that her unusually messy shelves didn’t live up to her usual impeccable standards.

But it didn’t take long for Stacey to have worked her magic and put all the food in its proper containers.

The super-tidy mom even hung her crisps on ankles for ultimate organization.

Stacey’s snack cupboard before getting to work

The mom created a very well organized space

When her work was done, Stacey shared an adorable photo of her son Rex taking a kick in the dog’s basket.

The star caught up with them together and couldn’t help taking a picture.

Although Stacey did not take a nap, she ventured out into the garden where she enjoyed a well-deserved cup of tea with her partner Joe Swash.

Rex took a nap after all the tidying up

While Stacey and Joe were having a cup of tea in their garden

“Me and Hoe are enjoying a very rare moment of calm in the garden by having tea in our rainbow cups. Thinking about the NHS this morning. We are so grateful to have such incredible service. You are all incredibly bloody.

“Happy NHS birthday,” Stacey shouted as she and Joe cheered with their cups.


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