Sprinter Noah Lyles discovers at the Inspiration Games that he did not break Usain Bolt’s 200-meter record because he only covered 185 meters


– What Guardian Calling a “wacky end” to an elite racing event must have been as overwhelming as absurd for the sprinter at the center of it all. Thursday, Noah Lyles, 22, was a competitor in the 200-meter run at the Inspirational Games, in which 30 runners competed virtually from seven locations around the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic, by Runner’s World. Lyles, the reigning world champion in the 200 meters, on a track in Bradenton, Florida, finished in 18.90 seconds, breaking his personal best of 19.50, as well as Usain Bolt’s world record of 19 , 19 seconds established in 2009. ”It can’t be fair! Retired runner Steve Cram can be heard exclaiming during the live broadcast, according to CBS News.

The fact that Lyles encountered a headwind made the New York Daily News Notes. It turned out that it was not correct: the organizers had aligned Lyles in the wrong lane, which means that the distance he had to travel has been reduced to 185 meters. Adjusted for 200 meters, Lyle’s time would have been around 20.4 seconds, which would have beaten his competitors, except that he was disqualified from the race. French runner Christophe Lemaitre won the victory in Switzerland with a time of 20.65 seconds. “You can’t play with my emotions like that … [line] smh, “Lyles tweeted after the race. (Read more runner stories.)


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