Spain risks losing vacation as government reassesses quarantine measures


Aaway from Spain, other nations continue to juggle their travel restrictions.Australia, which has seen a new surge in coronavirus infections, is preparing to reopen its island, Tasmania, to domestic tourists.

Reuters has the details:

The Australian island state of Tasmania will begin accepting tourists from other parts of the country who have seen significant periods without new cases of coronavirusstate officials said on Friday.

Tasmania, which has not recorded any cases of community transmission for 77 days, will accept tourists from the states of Western Australia and South Australia, as well as the Northern Territory – none of which have recorded community transmission since. more than 90 days.

The new policy that begins August 7 includes stricter tests at airports and a review of travel from other states including New South Wales and Queensland, which will be completed next month.

Tasmanian Prime Minister Peter Gutwein said travel would not resume in the short term from the country’s second most populous state, Victoria, which battled an increase in the number of coronavirus cases to more than 7,400 on Friday,


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