South Korean lawsuit filed against Kim Yo-jong, sister of Kim Jong-un


Inter-Korean relations warmed in 2018, when Mr. Kim held summit meetings with President Moon, who helped organize meetings between Mr. Kim and President Trump. But relations became icy when Mr. Kim’s second meeting with Mr. Trump, held in Vietnam in February 2019, collapsed.

Tensions rose between the two Koreas when Ms. Kim became the staunch face and voice of North Korea. After activists from the South sent anti-North Korean leaflets over the border to the North, she issued a series of statements threatening reprisals – including the destruction of the liaison office.

The North Korean military blew up the office last month, which is in the border town of Kaesong, North Korea. But his brother later suspended any further military action aimed at scuttling the relatively warm relationship that had developed between the two Koreas in recent years.

Last week, Lee filed a complaint asking prosecutors to charge Ms. Kim, as well as Pak Jong-chon, North Korean army chief of staff, accused of destroying a building constructed with South Korean taxpayer money.

In South Korea, a complaint is usually assigned to a prosecutor to decide whether it merits further investigation. Prosecutors generally suspend attempts to charge criminal suspects when they cannot be brought to justice. Even Mr. Lee acknowledged that there was no way for prosecutors to bring Ms. Kim before a southern court.


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