Solar farm the size of 313 football fields to be built at Edmonton Airport


A European company is proposing to build a solar farm with more than 300 CFL football fields at the Edmonton International Airport.Edmonton International Airport and Alpin Sun are working on an agreement that will allow the company to develop Airport City Solar, a 627-acre, 120-megawatt solar farm on what is now a canola field on the west side of the grounds. of the airport.

The solar farm will be the largest airport in the world, the EIA said in a statement on Tuesday.

“This is a great opportunity to stimulate economic development and be better for the environment,” Myron Keehn, vice president, business development and air service at EIA, told CBC News.

“We are really delighted that [Alpin Sun] chose Edmonton and the airport to do it. It is an excellent location. We have a lot of land, we are geographically located in the north, which is great for us, because it allows us to have great hours of sun.

“As everyone knows in Edmonton, you can play golf early in the morning or play late at night here in the summer. And in winter, it’s great, because of the snow and the reflection [sunlight] snow which also creates energy. ”

Airport manager Myron Keehn said the field behind him will house the world’s largest solar farm at an airport. (Scott Neufeld / CBC)

The project “will create jobs, provide sustainable solar energy for our region and show our commitment to sustainability,” said Tom Ruth, President and CEO of EIA, in the press release.

Construction is expected to start in early 2022. The solar park is expected to be operational by the end of this year, the statement said.

Alpin Sun says the project will bring $ 169 million in foreign investment to the Edmonton metropolitan area.

The electricity produced by Airport City Solar will power Fortis Alberta and the airport distribution systems.

Quick facts:

  • The solar farm will include approximately 340,000 solar panels.

  • The facility will produce enough electricity to power 27,000 to 28,000 homes.

  • The area, 627 acres, will be equivalent to approximately 313 CFL football fields,

  • Construction will employ 120 workers for a year, with up to 250 workers at its peak.

  • The 120-megawatt plant will produce approximately 200,000 MWh per year

  • Alpin Sun estimates that an annual production of 200,000 MWh will result in an annual compensation of around 106,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide.


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