Sky News criticized for “graceless” manipulation of journalist whose child interrupted interview


Sky News was criticized for managing a reporter who was interrupted by her child, halfway through a live interview.

Foreign affairs editor Deborah Haynes was interviewed by Mark Austin when his young son burst into the room to ask a question about cookies.

Haynes spoke of David Cameron when his son entered. She immediately offered her apologies.

“Oh, I’m really sorry, this is my son arriving, really embarrassed, sorry,” she said as she told her son to wait “a second”.

He refused to wait, however, and asked Haynes, “Can I have two cookies?”

Faced with the situation as a professional, Haynes said, “Yes, you can have two cookies.” Then she said to Austin that she was “really sorry”.

However, instead of delving into the comics, of the nature of the moment, Austin wrapped up the interview, saying, “We’re going Deborah Haynes there, in full flow with some family homework.”

This led to criticism on social media with a great deal of sentiment at the decision to halt Haynes’ interview of the failure to “normalize child care” in the lock up time.

“I think it was disappointing managed by @SkyNews,” one person wrote on Twitter.

He said they “stayed with the journalist” as they did in a similar case on BBC News, which also took place last night (July 1) as well.

British boxer Ashley Theophane wrote: “The Poor showing @SkyNews. No need to cut it. ”

Another said the situation was “mismanaged” by Austin, with a tweeter writing, “Incredibly graceless response compared to the BBC.”


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