Should people in France to be worried about 5G?


5G technology will eventually replace the 4G technology in France, allowing for the fastest connection rates for smartphones and other connected technologies.But many of the recently elected mayors of the green party Europe Ecology-The Greens (Ee-lv) are concerned about 5G and actively oppose its deployment in France.

Some people claim that 5G will have an impact on the environment, by increased emissions of greenhouse gases for example.

Others, including the new ee-lv mayors Emmanuel Denis (Tours, Centre-Val de Loire) and Anne Vignot (Besançon, Bourgogne-Franche-Comté) have said that they believe that technology is dangerous for health reasons.

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Increasing frequency radio waves

A preliminary report effects on the health of the 5G was published in a French health, the safety of the body …


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