Shocking images captured on a dashcam on the roads of the West Midlands


Our photographers travel the roads of the West Midlands every day – so they see a lot of driving. And it may not surprise you to know, browsing the length and breadth of the region, they also see a lot of terrible driving.

From close shaves with cyclists to motorcycles on the sidewalk, apparently just because they want to, there has been a lot to see recently.

Although the streets were more crowded during the lockdown, we are unfortunately never safe from terrible drivers.

Our photographer Nick Wilkinson went out and captured close shaves and hairy driving and driving from area drivers and bikers between April and June 24.

First, a cyclist is cut at a crossroads by a white hatchback driver Mazda 3 and exhales his anger by tapping the car as he catches up, then passes in front of the accused motorist.

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Then a white Ford Fiesta driver in a hurry crosses oncoming traffic and the path of a silver VW Polo, apparently without concern for the world.

As another Fiesta driver walks past our photographer, well over the speed limit – perhaps heading towards Silverstone!

A couple of drivers who seem to want to adopt a continental driving on the good policy, are seen blocking the road of our snapper. First a Mercedes C-Class driver, then another in a Skoda Kodiq.

While a BMW driver has just made a turn at high speed and finally another motorist thinks that the red lights do not apply to them. While our photographer applies the brakes, spotting the lights turning red, this Audi A6 driver slams the accelerator and accelerates.

Crazy driving some taking advantage of more empty roads and others apparently thinking that they were empty – when they were not.


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