Sheffield Council apologizes for coronavirus pub tweet


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Pubs in England have been closed since March to slow the spread of Covid-19

Counsel apologized for telling people that the coronavirus is “waiting for you” at the pub when they reopen this weekend.

Sheffield City Council said Covid-19 would be “more pleased” with the rule changes that take effect on Saturday.

A number of owners have responded angrily to the social media post, which has since been deleted.

The board said the post was “poorly written but was made with the best of intentions”.

On Thursday, the board tweeted, “The virus likes crowded places and thrives on close contact.

“He won’t queue to enter the pub – he’ll be there for you already.” ”

The message also included a short video warning people, “Don’t put yourself in danger for the sake of a pint.”


The message has since been deleted

John Harrison, co-owner of Beer House, said, “I was shocked to see the tweet after spending weeks working tirelessly to ensure that our business is a safe environment, going beyond government guidelines.

“It felt like a real kick in the stomach of the Sheffield hospitality industry which is on its knees. ”

Liz Aspden, owner of The Harlequin, said the tweet was “very damaging to a business that was just trying to get back on its feet and didn’t recognize that we would do our best to create a safe environment.”

“The publicans have spent long hours – and large sums of money – planning to reopen their pubs safely, according to guidelines established by the government,” she said.

Councilor Mazher Iqbal, a member of the firm for business and investment, apologized for the message.

“We are in a difficult situation, we want to support our local pubs and places but we must also remember that we are still in the middle of a serious pandemic,” he said.

“We want people to have fun this weekend, visiting your favorite pub, cafe or restaurant, but to do it in a safe and measured way. “

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