Shayna Baszler chokes ninjas and vows to hit WWE with “a heavy dose of reality”


Photo credit: Bill Pritchard

Akira Tozawa was set to face R-Truth for the 24/7 championship tonight on RAW, but Shayna Baszler had other plans.

Baszler pulled out all the ninjas while Akira Tozawa escaped from the ring. R-Truth told Shayna that he would let himself out and left the ring.

This led Baszler to cut a promo on waiting for an opportunity. She said the women’s division was delusional and that everyone thought they were in control. Baszler said she was going to hit everyone with a heavy dose of reality, she being that reality.

It is the first time that Shayna Baszler has been seen on RAW in months. She was a participant in MITB and ended up filming a Main Event match also at one point.

What do you think Shayna has in store for RAW? Let us know in the comments below.

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