Seth Rollins wins Eye For An Eye Match, vomits at WWE Extreme Rules


On WWE The Horror Show at Extreme Rules, Seth Rollins faced Rey Mysterio in an Eye for an Eye match. Mysterio attacked Rollins from behind to start the match. Still, Rollins took Mysterio and got the upper hand. The two men quickly targeted each other’s eyes. Rollins brought tongs for the match, but Mysterio grabbed them and tried to hit Rollins with them. Rollins hit Mysterio with a Kendo stick. A Falcon Arrow on the apron gave Rollins a boost.

Rollins tried to use the steel steps to remove Mysterio’s eye, but Mysterio fought. The Monday Evening Messiah grabbed a chair and tried to use a chair over Mysterio’s eye, but Mysterio stopped him. Mysterio sent Rollins’ eye first to the corner of the announcement table after Rollins tried to use a pen and screwdriver to stab Mysterio’s eye. Rollins stopped Mysterio from using a chair to look away. Monday Night Messiah got some rope and tied Mysterio to the rope, but Mysterio kept fighting.

Mysterio rallied with a wave of attack and hit a Frog Splash. He targeted Rollins’ eye, but Rollins hit an inverted bomb to gain momentum. Mysterio dodged a Stomp and struck a DDT tornado. He threw Rollins into the barricade with a sunset flip. Mysterio broke a stick of Kendo and used a fragment to catch Rollins’ eye. A 619 sent Rollins outside, where he tried to use the stairs on Mysterio. But Mysterio hit Rollins with a Stomp on the floor. He then pushed Rollins’ eyes into the steel spes, but Rollins hit him under the belt. Rollins hit a superkick and wiped the blood from his eye before knocking Mysterio down with a kick. Rollins led Mysterio up the stairs and the ref called the bell. Rollins threw up at ringside as officials tended to Mysterio.

CONNEXES: WWE The Horror Show à Extreme Rules Results (19/07/20)


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