Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon found dead, left note: “sorry for everyone”


More details emerged Friday on the death of Seoul mayor Park Won-soon, whose body was found Thursday evening in wooded hills near the capital of South Korea after his disappearance.

Park, 64, a long-time civic activist and human rights lawyer before being elected mayor of Seoul in 2011, left a note saying “sorry for everyone,” according to the South Korean news agency. Korean government-funded Yonhap News.

Police found Park’s body near the last location transmitted by his cell phone, which had been turned off. Her daughter raised the alarm with the police after he left her what appeared to be a “will-like” verbal message before disappearing. Police said Friday that there were no signs of a crime at the site, but declined to reveal the cause of Park’s death.

Mayor of Seoul disappeared: Body found after search with 600 officers and drones

The Seoul city government said that the note Park left at his residence said it wanted to “thank everyone who has accompanied me in my life.” He went on to request that his remains be cremated and scattered around his parents’ graves.

The body of the mayor of three warrants was found after a search involving more than 600 hundred police and rescuers, sniffer dogs and drones.

Park was the longest-serving mayor of Seoul and known for his progressive environment and urban regeneration policies. A member of President Moon Jae-in’s Liberal Democratic Party, he was considered a potential presidential candidate in 2022.

South Korean television SBS reported on Thursday that one of Park’s secretaries had filed a complaint with the police the night before his disappearance for alleged sexual harassment. Police confirmed that a complaint had been filed against Park, but cited confidentiality concerns by refusing to specify, including whether it was sexual behavior.

“Sad to learn of the death of the mayor of Seoul, Park Won-soon. My condolences to his family and the people of Seoul during this difficult time, “American Ambassador to South Korea Harry Harris tweeted on Friday.


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