See the official clip of Evanescence for the new single “The Game Is Over”


EVANESCENCE pulled out an iPhone-shot, neon nightmare of a clip for ” The game is over “, the second song from his next album, “The bitter truth” (BMG). The group’s first original music collection in nine years, “The bitter truth” will be made available gradually throughout 2020.

A hymn to the guitar commissioned by Leeis an outstanding mezzo-soprano and Will Huntheavy arena percussion, ” The game is over “ is a protest against the facades that society forces us to put on. Faced with depression and anxiety – and especially in a world that seems to collapse every day – it is a cry to end the masquerade that all is well.

The accompanying video is a nightmare look laden with effects on the emotional havoc that this period caused. Although it is limited to filming itself on iPhone, the group, in collaboration with the director PR Brown, managed to achieve a highly stylized production literalizing the metaphorical monsters in us. The video is astonishing proof of the creative spark of working with limited resources and shows the group’s commitment to its profession. Highlighting the mental darkness behind the false smiles is a disturbing and technicolor tribute to the light at the end of the tunnel – if you are ready to face the terrors that line its walls.

EVANESCENCE bass player Tim McCord comments: “It was by far the most difficult video I have ever participated in, emotionally. In order to capture the raw emotion of what life really is for us these days, I had to go to really dark places. I hope we can all watch this video and heal together. ”

Lee this the ” The game is over “: “This song is about being sick from the facade. The disguises we wear to make others feel comfortable, the inner feelings being so different from what we show on the outside to fit within the limits of what is socially acceptable or not will make you unpleasant or too “weird” to be there.

« ‘The game is over’ is a promise to myself and aloud that I will be more of my true self inside outside – not to lock it up because it can no longer be contained. It is also a prayer to become better, not to feel so wasted, locked up and hurt inside. ”

EVANESCENCEThe new music of Nick Raskulinecz, who also worked on the eponymous LP from 2011.

Lee Told Loudwire on the musical direction of the new EVANESCENCE material: “It’s a combination of many things. It is certainly one hundred percent us, but it also takes risks. And I think it’s significant – it’s profoundly significant. But at the same time, many things have attitude. I don’t know if I can explain this super well, but some of our music is like that. If you can listen and think, especially some of the later music, like ‘What you want’ or ‘Call me when you are sober’, there is a trail or two in there that is the next step in that in his feeling, I would say. ”

Last January, EVANESCENCE came back with his first new rock recording in eight years, “The chain (from Gears 5)”. The band recorded their signature rock version of FLEETWOOD MAC classic tracking Lee having lent his voice to the launch trailer for the Xbox Game Studios » « Gears 5 » for Xbox One, Windows 10 and Steam, from the very popular “War weapons” series.

EVANESCENCE has spent much of the past two years recording and touring in support of 2017 “Synthesis”, which contained some of the group’s most beloved songs – as well as some short stories – reinvented with a full orchestra in a deep electronic landscape.

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