Scottish teens meet in Ibiza after drinking session turns into a last-minute vacation


A pair of Scottish people shared how a late night drink session around a companion’s house turned into a last minute vacation in Ibiza. Brad Duff visited his friend Reece Lornie on Sunday evening – and ended up booking flights for Monday morning to the Spanish holiday island.

And one of the two Dundees may have to live in a caravan for fifteen quarantine days after his angry mom found out that he was coming home yesterday.

They basked in the Spanish sun

A wild weekend went by for the 19-year-old plumbers as they soaked up the Spanish sun – and even got their initials tattooed after drinking a bottle of vodka.

And with the current coronavirus crisis, they said that Europe’s airports were like “ghost towns”.

Speaking from Ibiza Airport, Brad told the Daily Record: “It has been an absolutely classy moment, truly incredible.

“We were having a few drinks on Sunday evening and we started talking about Ibiza.

“We had never been before, but we had heard from other people how great it was to think” you only live once “.

“The next thing we knew, we had booked our flights at 6 am Monday.

“We had to fly first to Amsterdam and then to Ibiza, so it was funny.

They slept and missed the return flight

“It’s crazy how all the airports are dead. It is like a ghost town with all the shops closed and few people.

“It was so weird. ”

The pair paid for their flights, via Amsterdam, and then went to the Ibiza Rocks hotel.

Despite their expectations, the holiday island was not deserted

Bradley said, “It was pretty busy. Not as busy as it could have been but busy enough to have a good time.

“It cost too much but it was worth it.

“Basically, we went out on the whip all the time, we were drinking all the time.

“It was a bit quieter and more relaxing than I usually think. All the Spanish loved us because we were from Scotland and we were there.

“All the birds were everywhere on us because we were Scottish too. ”

And the couple missed their return flight Tuesday after their watered getaways put them to sleep.

Brad added, “We had to go back but we ended up sleeping and missing the flight, so we had to pay extra to get back. ”

Reece said: “We finished a bottle of (vodka) one night and decided to get a tattoo.

“I have Brad’s initials on my bottom and he has mine on his.”

“It will always be a memory of the holidays. “

But Brad could be in hot water with his mom when he returns.

He said: “My mom discovered the holidays in Ibiza and she is not happy.

“I may have to isolate myself for two weeks, so I’m looking for options with caravans. ”

A tweet from boyfriend Matt McKinnon about their adventures went viral.

Matt said in the Record: “I was in bed Monday morning when a photo was sent to Ibiza.

“Honestly, I couldn’t believe what I saw and I had to tweet about it.

“It’s the kind of thing that would only happen to these two. They are absolute madmen. “


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