Science Museum Asks Public To Help Identify Mysterious Objects | Culture


A worn metal tool with a sturdy handle, a delicate gadget with pedals, arms, and cogs, and a piece of glassware with a snail-shaped coil in the middle. They may seem like a motley collection of objects, but they have one thing in common: they are all mysteries.The objects are part of the 7.3 million objects, from photographs to cameras, which form the collection of the Science Museum Group. Curators are seeking the public’s help in solving the puzzle of the use of these objects and the stories behind them.

Many mysterious objects were discovered during the transport of 300,000 objects from Blythe House in London to a specially constructed installation at the National Collections Center of the Science Museum Group in Wiltshire.

“As part of this, we need to examine and manipulate and inventory, and photograph each object stored at Blythe House,” said Jessica Bradford, custodian of collections engagement at the Science Museum. “It’s like a giant house move project, but with the added excitement that these items are part of the National Collection and have some amazing stories to tell.


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