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Winnipeg Jets center Mark Scheifele said he had fired his personal chef because he was incompetent and had failed to prepare meals worthy of an elite athlete.

The hockey star filed a defense statement this week in response to a wrongful dismissal lawsuit launched by Jeremy Senaris in February. Winnipeg Chef Was Finalist In Popular TV Culinary Contest Chef in 2016, and later became the personal chef of Scheifele.

Senaris alleges breach of contract and claims $ 75,000 in damages.

Scheifele responded by asking the court to dismiss the trial with costs.

“Scheifele denies that the plaintiff exercised his functions with competence, loyalty and diligence”, indicates the defense.

“(Senaris left) uncooked, partially cooked or cold meals on the stove, and if not (failed) to properly prepare meals in a manner commensurate with the nutritional and dietary needs of an elite athlete. “

Mark Scheifele’s defense statement says he told chief Jeremy Senaris that his performance was poor, insufficient and in violation of his contractual obligations. (Fred Greenslade / Canadian Press Files)

In addition, the document contends that Senaris did not perform its duties in a consistent and appropriate manner while Scheifele was traveling with the Jets, which included delivering meals or informing Scheifele where he could obtain meals in a given city.

In the statement, Senaris said that Scheifele had repeatedly received good reviews of his performance during his work. The defense statement disputes this. “Scheifele states, and the facts are, that the claimant was often told that his performance was poor, inadequate and in violation of his contractual obligations,” said the document.

The defense also alleges that Senaris did not devote sufficient time to his work as personal chef for Scheifele and seems to be rather concerned with other commercial projects, including several ephemeral restaurants in Winnipeg.

Chef Jeremy Senaris is claiming $ 75,000 for breach of contract. (Red Photo Co. files)

Senaris’ suit claims he was hired through Scheifele’s agent firm to be his personal chef for the 2017-2018 NHL hockey season with a salary of $ 50,000. The contract would contain a health and benefits plan.

Senaris’ claim claims that he was not paid or reimbursed for his expenses “in a timely manner” and that he did not benefit from a health and benefits plan.

None of the allegations have been proven in court.

Scheifele, 26, played seven seasons with the Jets, the team that drafted him seventh overall in 2011. In 2016, he signed a $ 49 million, eight-year contract that spans ‘in 2023-24.

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