Sask. has the highest daily increase in COVID-19 cases


Content of the article continued

Residents of 21 community care centers are limited to outside visits, with the exception of end-of-life care.

Detailed locations

Continuing this week’s trend to be more specific than usual with government data, Kaeding specified 13 affected rural municipalities, as well as the city of Swift Current.

Carmichael RM (# 109), who was on the list on Monday, no longer has an active (known) case of COVID-19.

Southwest: Maple Creek, Lac Pelletier (# 107) and Auvergne (# 76).

Near Kindersley: Newcombe (# 260), Prairiedale (# 321), Pleasant Valley (# 288).

Près de Biggar: Tramping Lake (no 380), Grandview (no 349), Biggar (no 347), Eagle Creek (no 376), Harris (no 316) et Perdue (no 346).


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