Samsung, OnePlus, Apple and Huawei beaten by this latest version of Oppo


Fast charging your smartphone is nothing new. All the major device manufacturers, including Samsung, Huawei, OnePlus and Apple, now offer this quick boost function, but Oppo has just raised the bar by a considerable margin.

The Chinese tech firm has just announced a range of new charging solutions and it is unlike anything we have ever seen before. Most impressive is the company’s new 125W flash charge technology, which can recharge a 4000mAh battery cell up to 41% in five minutes and restore it to full charge in just 20 minutes.It’s pretty powerful and much faster than any of its rivals – until now Huawei P40 Pro + was one of the market leaders with a 40 W load, which can fully charge the phone in about 50 minutes.

Of course, all of this power injected into your phone can raise security concerns. However, Oppo says that the technology behind charging the 125W flash has actually beefed up the safety protection functions in the system by adding 10 more temperature sensors that monitor the state of charge and ensure maximum safety while charging.

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This new 125 W flash charge requires a wired connection to work, but Oppo also offers a very quick way to charge your phone without the need for a cable. The 65W AirVOOC wireless flash charge can fully charge a 4000mAh battery in 30 minutes at its fastest rate. It’s faster wireless charging than Apple can handle with a cable in its latest iPhone models, which are rated for up to 50% charge in 30 minutes with its 18W charging socket.

To help achieve this incredible feat, Oppo has successfully reduced frequency interference for efficient wireless charging. The technology also has five security safeguards in addition to a foreign object detection function.

The latest devices announced by the company are the world’s smallest and thinnest 50W SuperVOOC mini charger, and 110W mini flash charger which features a unique two-tier architecture.

OPPO’s 50W SuperVOOC mini charger was developed by multi-radian curve processing to a size similar to that of a business card holder; its wall is only 1.05 cm thick. Thanks to its design, users can easily place it in their shirt and coat pockets, making it extremely convenient for travel and on the go.

Speaking about the updates, Jeff Zhang, chief charging technology scientist at OPPO, said, “The accelerated deployment of 5G worldwide as well as the increasing diversification of high-power applications energy, including games and video viewing, present new challenges for the battery life of mobile phones. and user charging experience.

“OPPO has led the development of rapid charging since the launch of VOOC flash charge in 2014. We are now committed to continuing to leverage our expertise and benefits in the area of ​​high power, wireless and ultra charging technologies -small. to provide users with a safe, efficient and convenient ultra-fast charging experience. “


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