Russia scrambles SU-27 fighter jet to intercept US spy plane over Black Sea – tensions soar World | News


In an announcement made by the country’s official news agency TASS, the Russian Defense Ministry said that an SU-27 fighter jet carried out the interception. The Defense Ministry said a US surveillance plane has been identified flying near the Russian border.

The ministry said the plane – identified as a P-8 Poseidon – then moved away from Russian airspace.He added that no clearance had been given for the plane’s path on Monday.

A twin-engine Su-27 fighter aircraft can travel at twice the speed of sound and reach up to 1,553 mph (2,500 km / h).

The jet is equipped with an advanced infrared search and tracking system with the ability to immediately detect up to ten targets within a 100 km radius.

The aircraft can also contain a 30mm GSh-301 cannon with 150 rounds and a range of missiles, rockets and bombs.

The intervention in the sky takes place less than 24 hours after Vladimir Putin presented plans to strengthen Russia’s military might in the sea.

On Sunday, the Russian president confirmed that the navy would be armed with hypersonic nuclear weapons and nuclear underwater drones.

The weapons in their final stages of testing include the Poseidon submarine nuclear drone designed to be transported by submarines.

As well as the Tsirkon hypersonic cruise missile which can be deployed on surface ships.

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