Russell Wilson Joins Guest Host Joel McHale on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”


Actor and comedian Joel McHale, a longtime Seahawks fan who grew up on Mercer Island, hosted “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Monday, and the former 12-flag breeder was delighted to be able to welcome Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson as a guest.

McHale, who for some reason hosted the show in a swimming pool while wearing a suit, conducted a virtual interview with Wilson, who was also in a swimming pool, albeit shirtless.

McHale thanked Wilson for helping bring a Super Bowl title to Seattle, noting, “It was bigger than the birth of my kids, and my kids are watching. ”

As well as joking about Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes taking the title of highest paid NFL player from Wilson – “That’s a good thing,” Wilson said – the two also spoke of Wilson and Ciara expecting a baby soon.

“I try to have so much relaxation time before the baby arrives because I know that I will soon be doing baby homework here playing soccer,” Wilson said. “It’s going to be an interesting balance. ”

Asked about his wife, Wilson marveled at all that his multi-talented wife went through during her pregnancy.

“She’s okay man,” Wilson said. “She’s excited, and she has a lot of amazing things to do. It’s crazy how hard she works while she is pregnant. We are not too far away, and every day she works, works, works, prepares things. It’s pretty amazing. ”

Wilson also said he was not yet sure if he would be allowed to attend for his son’s birth due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and also shared a funny story of the birth of their daughter Sienna. : “This is what we don’t do ‘I know. I hope. Obviously, Covid has been such a crazy thing… I think she needs me in the hospital room. The last time she grabbed my hand she almost broke my hand. She squeezed my right hand, and I said, “Baby, on the other hand.” I hope she will find out this time. ”

On the return of the NFL during a pandemic, Wilson said, “It’s really important to do it the right way at the highest level… It’s pregnant, we’re having a new baby in the world at some point, and there are so many more. also who have families and loved ones. At the end of the day we want to play, we want to play and as the Seahawks we want to go to the Super Bowl and win it all, so at the end of the day that’s our goal, but we want to make it safe way. ”

As for potentially playing games in front of no audiences or small crowds, Wilson said, “This is going to be a crazy time. You know what’s going to be interesting is being under the center of calling games when they can hear everything and there’s no real It’s going to have to be some interesting learning there -low. It just becomes like training a certain way. But at the end of the day we want to play, we want to score touchdowns and make plays. “


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