Rusev confirms that he has been diagnosed with COVID-19


Former WWE superstar Rusev (aka Miro) confirmed earlier today in a live broadcast on his official Twitch channel that he had been diagnosed with COVID-19. According to Fightful, Rusev’s agent also confirmed his diagnosis.During the stream, Rusev revealed that he had an initial test result saying that he had been negative. Later, he then received a phone call saying that he was positive for the coronavirus.

Rusev said during his Twitch broadcast: “I’m absolutely 100%, super-mega, incredibly positive. Yes, I received the phone call from the doctor. I received a random call from a number and answered. And she said, “Is it …” And then she tried to pronounce my name about six times. None of them succeeded. But ultimately, I agreed that it was definitely me she was trying to say. And she said, “Hey, you’re in touch. I say to myself, “What do you mean? I have my results and they told me no. And she says, “Wait, what? I say to myself, “Yes, I got the test result. »»

As previously reported, both parents of Rusev’s wife, WWE superstar Lana, have recently tested positive for COVID-19 as well. Lana recently posted a video saying that her mother is getting better and has been released from intensive care. His father would also feel better after showing symptoms for just over two weeks.

Rusev was always broadcast on Twitch on Sunday, which you can see HERE. On behalf of 411, we extend our best wishes to Rusev, Lana and their families.


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