RuPaul scrubs social media accounts, including Instagram and Twitter


– ” What’s going on?! This is just one of many puzzled calls for information People and We weekly report on what has become a mystery on social networks: the disappearance of RuPaul online. Fans noticed on Thursday that the 59-year-old drag queen and Course de dragsters de RuPaul the host had removed all of his messages from Instagram and had completely disabled his Twitter account. RuPaul had not posted for several months, for Cosmopolite. the Course de dragsters de RuPaul the official Instagram and Twitter accounts remain intact.

The fans are confused, and the RuPaul team has so far been silent on what’s going on. Cosmo notes the various theories circulating, including the hacking of RuPaul, the fact that he is about to make a big announcement, or that he is coming back from social media after being flak for admitting to having rented land that he owns in Wyoming fracking companies. Some have also noticed that Kameron Michaels, a participant in the 10th season of the RuPaul show, wiped out most of his Instagram, although he published early Saturday that he didn’t do it as “Hit” or because of a “scandal”, but because “I just want to start over. (Read more RuPaul stories.)


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