Rudy Gobert says receiving a backlash was not “easy as a human being”


Rudy Gobert reflected on the aftermath he received after becoming the first NBA player to test positive for COVID-19. Gobert’s test was the catalyst for the suspension of the league season in March.“Obviously, when the whole world judges you or threatens you or sends you a lot of negative energy and stuff like that, I would say that it is not easy as a human being. But, at the same time, people are just judging you on the perception they have and the perception that you get from it sometimes it can be a photo, a video or an interview, an action. So people don’t really know you, “said Gobert.

Gobert’s behavior hurt his relationship with Donovan Mitchell, although Mitchell said the two were back on good terms.

Gobert added that he was ready to return to the field.

“A lot is going on and it has been a process, but I am happy now that I am in a good position and I am happy to have the joy of playing basketball with my team and the competitiveness is back. ”


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