Royal News: “Secret” Monarchy Sparks Outrage Amid Queen’s Call for Removal | Royal | News


The Republic is campaigning for the monarchy to be abolished and for the Queen to be replaced by an elected democratic head of state. Graham Smith, the organization’s CEO, told that cost is just a symptom of why the UK should get rid of the monarchy.

Smith said, “The cost is a symptom of why the monarchy should be abolished.”They get away with it because it is inexplicable.

“No one can get rid of them as individuals, they have to get rid of the whole institution.

“They get away with it because they are secret and do not reveal information about the money spent and what they are doing behind closed doors. ”

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“We are supposed to be a democracy, we have been debating democracy and the will of the people for the past four years.

“We do not then turn this same logic towards the monarchy.

“So it doesn’t meet the standards we should expect from an institution in this country these days. ”

In the same interview, the CEO of Republic also criticized Kate and Prince William for their “outrageous” expenses.

“They regularly spend tens of thousands of money, whether at home or on a private plane and helicopter, to travel to the UK when they could easily take cars or trains.

“So it’s typical of more than their expenses. ”

He added: If it is public money, it is an outrageous use of public money, 15,000 is more than people earn in a year.

“They should accept the fact that they have a truly privileged life and not continue to spend public money. ”

From the Daily Mail reports on the £ 15,000 cover, a palace spokesperson said: “As part of the wider management of the estate, the physical environment of royal residences is under constant review. From time to time, adjustments are made to landscaping and gardens, including hedges. ”


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