Rory MacDonald reveals his proudest and most regretful moment of his career


Rory MacDonald had accumulated many memories – good and bad – during his 15-year career as a fighter.

While he originally hoped to add more in 2020 after signing a multi-fight agreement with the PFL, the 30-year-old Canadian is currently waiting for the chance to participate again after the promotion chose to postpone their season until see you next year due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

In the aftermath of this decision, MacDonald remained active in his training, but it also gave him time to reflect on the major accomplishments he has made as well as the biggest mistakes he has made since he decided to make MMA his goal when he was still a teenager.

“I slip a little under the radar of the fact that I am only 30 years old and that I am implied in the sport since 17 years that I am implied in the mixed martial arts,” MacDonald said during his speech. at MMA Fighting before a new documentary series on his career entitled Red King Rundown recently launched on YouTube. “For more than half of my life, I have focused on this sport. It has been my life’s work.

“I am delighted with this new journey with PFL. Being a fighter in my thirties now, I feel like everything comes together in my life and in my own head, my approach to combat. I think I will have a very good year ahead of me. Make a name for yourself, a legacy for me in sport. “

For all that MacDonald has accomplished, he goes back to 2009 to target what could be the proudest moment of his career.

At that time, he was an 8-0 hopeful just trying to get noticed by the UFC.

“I have a lot of really special moments that I treasure,” said MacDonald. “Something really special for me was just before my career at the UFC, my coach and my manager, we were talking with [matchmakers] Sean Shelby or Joe Silva and basically I had grown up as a teenager and was starting to go welterweight. I was a light fighter. But they wanted me to get some welterweight wins before I got in.

“So I had two fights basically on my contract with King of the Cage and I fought two welterweight fights. I remember this last fight and I won, I just had an “I did it” [moment]. I went to the next level, which I dreamed of entering the UFC. So it was quite a special moment. “

MacDonald continued to make good memories of the UFC before leaving the organization to sign an agreement with Bellator MMA.

In only his second fight for promotion belonging to Viacom, he became welterweight champion with a victory over Douglas Lima. That prepared him for an even bigger opportunity when MacDonald was offered the chance to drop to 185 pounds and fight for a second title against the then middleweight champion Gegard Mousasi.

Before the event, MacDonald said all it takes to become a two-division champion, but he can honestly say now that his public presence did not match the fighter who was genuinely preparing for a confrontation with an opponent as deadly as Mousasi.

“If I had to choose one [biggest regret], that would be my preparation leading to [Gegard] Mousasi fight, “MacDonald said. “It was a huge opportunity and I didn’t take it seriously enough. Obviously, I am absolutely crushed.

“I can’t cry over spilled milk now. It is what it is. I just have to learn from it and persevere to get where I want to go. “

As he looks forward to his next fight, MacDonald has learned from this mistake and many others that have cost him over the years.

Now that he plans to pursue another title and the million dollar prize in the PFL welterweight tournament, MacDonald promises that he has found a new level of motivation and focus that he hopes to maintain until ‘At the end of his career.

“I don’t like going into a fight and then having regrets,” said MacDonald. “My career at 20, there have been ups and downs and things that I am really happy with, but there are many things that I regret. Now I am 30 years old with a family and there is only a certain time to be in this sport and to do what you want to do and it is finished. There is the next chapter.

“I had to wake up a bit and be serious over the next few years. I can’t keep making fun of all the other fights. Have some good fights, then refocus and have some bad fights. I really have to stay the course and stay focused. This is where my head is. ”


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