Roger Petersen on Breakfast Television in Toronto


After just over two years as a co-host of Breakfast TV, Roger Petersen left Toronto morning show. Petersen, who has been part of the Toronto Citytv team since 1999, announced the news in a video posted on his Twitter page, calling his appearance on the TV show “wonderful”, while saluting the team and the co-host Dina Pugliese.”The two years have been incredible,” he said. Petersen also addressed Pugliese saying, “Dina, it was wonderful to sit on this sofa with you. We had wonderful laughs, beautiful laughs, real laughs. It was so much fun. Some of the people I have been fortunate enough to interview in the past two years (were) amazing. Prime Minister Trudeau sat with us. We had Danny DeVito; we were in tears with Danny DeVito. “

Petersen’s name has verified other memorable interviews of his time as a co-host of the program, including folk rocker Steve Earle.

“We also had the chance to explore stories in this city and the people who make this city alive. They are the fabric of this city. We had them on the show and I loved talking to all these people, ”he continued. “These stories are what make this city so absolutely amazing.”

A statement on Petersen’s departure from Charmaine Khan, senior director of communications for Citytv, said that they “are always striving to better serve our audience and provide a great morning experience to viewers of Breakfast Television.” ”

Khan added that there were no immediate plans to replace Petersen, whose biography on Twitter now reads: “TV and radio? I did that there. Dad full time now. I went. ”

“We have a solid BT team live with Dina Pugliese as well as Devo Brown, Frank Ferragine, Stephanie Henry, Melanie Ng, Tammie Sutherland and Nicole Servinis. They will continue to provide an excellent morning experience to the Breakfast Television audience each morning. ”

In 2016, Breakfast Television fans were also upset by the departure of 23-year-old veteran Jennifer Valentyne, who at the time said she was released because the show was “going in a different direction.”

When he was brought in, Petersen, who replaced Kevin Frankish, was a familiar face to the Citytv audience who covered some of the biggest stories going on in his hometown – from the terrible van attack in 2018 to the G20 and G8, to SARS and the Pope. visit.

During his tenure at Citytv, Petersen assumed various roles, including that of journalist, anchor and host of the auto show. Autoshop. Petersen also made a stopover hosting CityNews’ 6 p.m. and 11 p.m. shows in Vancouver, before returning to his hometown as a reporter and presenter for CityNews Toronto.


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