Rockland County Issues Summons to Suspend Spread of Coronavirus


In New York, where 3,000 disease detectives and case monitors were hired last month, initial data showed that only about two in five people who tested positive or were presumed to have shared information on close contact with tracers.

This is the second time in recent years that Rockland County officials have had to use subpoena orders to force residents to cooperate in a campaign to stem an epidemic. Last year, a similar step in the face of a measles epidemic was successful, officials said.

New City and West Nyack are located in the city of Clarkstown. City supervisor George Hoehmann said on Wednesday that city officials were unaware of a local increase in virus cases until Mr. Day told him about the holiday June 17 just minutes before the county executive’s press conference.

Hoehmann also said the city’s police department is ready to place limits on rallies or other restrictions brought on by the virus epidemic, but county officials have so far released only little information on what to watch for.

Dr. Ruppert, at the press conference, highlighted the continuing public health threat posed by the pandemic, even in areas like Rockland County, where the number of infections, hospitalizations and deaths is high lower than it was in March and April.

The county has recorded just over 13,600 confirmed virus cases and 668 deaths since the start of the epidemic. On Wednesday, official data showed that five people in the county had been hospitalized for confirmed cases of the virus and five others were suspected of having it.

To prove why precautions should still be taken, Dr. Ruppert cited the recent outbreak in states that have reopened faster than New York.


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