Robert Downey Jr. Promises “Something Big” For 6-Year-Old Hero


What makes a hero? We know the common answers, but have you ever thought about it a bit more? And when the real heroism is shown by a child? The willingness to act when the going is scary is difficult for many adults. There must be something special inside six-year-old Bridger Walker who pushed him to put his life in danger in order to save his four-year-old sister from a dog attack. You may have heard of it before Captain America, Chris Evans, reaching out to Bridger, which was just great! Well, it looks like Iron Man is following in his Avenger companions’ footsteps. Check out the message Robert Downey Jr. sent to young Bridger:

“Bridger, you are a rock star. My name is Robert Downey Jr.I play “Tony” which makes me an old friend of Cap’s. I heard he sent you a shield: I’ll do better. You call me for your next birthday, I have something special for you. ‘Late. By the way – it’s a promise; a promise beats a shield. ”

Here is the video of the Bridger and Iron Man conference:

I say that this child deserves ALL the wonderful things that come to him and wishes him a speedy recovery! I can’t wait to see what Robert Downey Jr. grants him too!


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