Robert De Niro To Live In New York State For “Predictable Future”


Robert De Niro will live in New York State “for the foreseeable future” due to the coronavirus pandemic, his lawyer said during a court hearing Thursday.’The Irishman’ actor attended a Skype hearing in her divorce case with Grace Hightower during which she asked a judge to order De Niro to increase her monthly credit card limit by 50 $ 000 to $ 100,000 and give him access to his complex of three houses in the north of the state. .

De Niro’s lawyer Caroline Krauss told the judge that his distant wife and two children should not be granted exclusive use of the “Gardiner property” – an apparent reference to a city in the county of Ulster – as a star of “Raging Bull” and his other children and grandchildren plan to continue to stay there.

“He intends to reside in Gardiner for the foreseeable future,” said Krauss of De Niro – who grew up in Manhattan and has deep roots in the city. “He is after all 76 and in the category of people for whom COVID-19 is dangerous. ”

“Sir. The other children of De Niro are there. Her grandchildren are there. Mr. De Niro’s son has a health problem and he will die if he receives COVID, “said Krauss.

Hightower’s lawyer Kevin McDonough said the couple and their two children – Helen, 8, and Elliot, 21 – have been there “for 15 years.” McDonough asked Hightower and the children to “exclusively” use the sprawling property from July 10 to July 15 and July 31 to August 15, as the trio were forced to stay in Manhattan in a Central Park home during the pandemic .

McDonough also noted that matrimonial property should be considered shared because “tens and tens of millions of dollars have been spent on creating the home” together.

But Krauss said De Niro has had the house since 1996, before the couple began a relationship a year later.

Justice Matthew of the Manhattan Supreme Court finally decided that De Niro had to pay Hightower an additional $ 75,000, which “should allow Mrs. Hightower to be able to get somewhere to take a break from the streets of New York … at place to grant use of the Gardiner residence. ”

De Niro – who has worked with Hightower since 1997 – filed for divorce in 2018. The pair initially separated in 1999 but met in 2004.


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