Robbie Williams’ heartbreaking reason why he never wanted his own children


Robbie Williams revealed that he did not want to have children with his wife Ayda Field when they first met. The Take That singer, 46, said he never really wanted to be a father on their podcast, Staying At Home With The Williamses.

Before welcoming their four precious children into the world, Rob admitted that he feared raising children because he couldn’t even raise them.

After growing up in a broken house, the singer was terrified that he would not be able to take care of a child when he did not know how to take care of himself.

Despite this, he then welcomed Teddy, seven; Charlie, five; Coco, 18 months old, and Beau, born this year by surrogate mother.

While the singer was crazy about his beautiful wife, he realized that he didn’t want the same things in life as she did.

Robbie explained on their podcast, “I remember thinking,” Oh, I don’t want the same thing as Ayda. I want her, but I don’t want family, for many reasons.

Robbie Williams revealed he did not want to have children with his wife Ayda Field when they first met

“How can I raise someone when I can’t raise myself and I come from a broken house?” So what is the point of really doing this? ”

He continued: “It was not a selfish reason, it was a kind of human reason when I am at war in my head every day.

“And I can’t take care of myself so how can I justify giving birth to someone?” ”

Despite his initial thoughts and concerns about becoming a father for the first time, the turning point came when Robbie saw his son Teddy for the first time.

Rob admitted he was afraid to raise children because he couldn’t even raise

After looking at his firstborn in the hospital, the singer realized what life was like: having a connection.

He recalled the moment when his mentality changed: “This is the moment when Teddy just looked at me and the universe is looking at me.

“And just this connection of that overwhelming euphoric feeling higher than any drug, and more real than any pill or any powder or alcohol.” And I think at that time I got it. ”

Robbie believes that becoming a father and having four children has made him a better person overall.

Robbie believes that eventually becoming a father and having four children made him a better person overall

“Having children was my creation. My life is more complete, I am more coherent, more present, more refined, more content, “he insisted.

The revelation of Robbie comes after the singer had previously admitted that he had secretly released his wife Ayda several times before finally making the knot.

After insisting that he didn’t want to get married or have children, the singer of Take That decided to throw Ayda out in order to make him realize that he could never give her what she wanted.

Despite the fact that he called for a halt to their swirling romance several times, the former X Factor judge continued his pursuit of Robbie because she loved him so much.

Robbie and Ayda share Teddy, 7, Charlie, 5, Coco, 18 months and baby Beau

Opening up about their tumultuous breakups during the day, Ayda admitted that going through a heartache had made her realize how much she cared about Robbie.

She told The Times, “I was in love with him. He was a very handsome and magnificent man and he was so charming, funny and amazing. He had my heart. He was my soul mate.

“He used to say, ‘I never get married and I never have children. We laugh about it now. ”

The happy couple met in 2006 and married in August 2010.

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